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'Dark cloud' over Downton's Anna & Bates

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Downton Abbey @DowntonAbbey

1 more sleep to #DowntonNight! How will you be enjoying yours? #CountDownton #Downton pic.twitter.com/y5EeHsf0oL
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Scoop: Edith's Mommy Issues and Mary's Reputation


Anna and Bates (Froggatt, Brendan Coyle)

Following Anna’s rape by Mr.Green (Nigel Harman) last season, he suddenly died in an accident while visiting London. Bates also happened to be out of town that day, but claims he was in York. “There’s a little spark missing from Anna as we find her,” Froggatt says. “Nobody can move on from such a thing. It takes a great deal of time… The subject of Mr. Green they can’t escape it really because there’s a police investigation into his death and it keeps getting brought up.” 

Meanwhile, the couple is trying to repair their relationship. “There are still moments of freedom and joy and love with her and Mr. Bates; it’s not all doom and gloom,” Froggatt says. “Like human beings do, we can laugh and forget about our worries once in a while. Sometimes they stay there, sometimes they don’t. There is mention of babies. They both want a baby. It hasn’t happened for them yet. We’ll have to wait and see if it will or not.”

Interviews with Joanne and Laura, a lot of spoilers for other characters in the article as well!

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anonymous asked: make me choose: Ivy or Anna

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Sybbie and George (x)

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We meet the cast of the new series of Downton Abbey | Meridian - ITV News


An expanded Carson Hughes scene as well as a hint of a revelation of something in Mrs. Hughes past.

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Uepontiki drew all pictures and made them into a memo pad for attendances of Downton Abbey night. Thank you Uepontiki!

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Downton Abbey series 5: Lesley Nicol and Sophie McShera interview

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JIM CARTER: No, well you see, Mrs. Hughes is very good at keeping Mr. Carson sort of, urm, grounded in a way. When he can’t cope, she gently helps him to cope.
PHYLLIS LOGAN: But she wouldn’t let him get away with too much of his silliness, you know. She does say [claps], ‘Come along. You mustn’t adopt that attitude. It’s not - it’s not becoming to you.’
CARTER: Because if you think about it, we’re both top dogs downstairs and there’s no one for us to - we don’t have any friends, really, apart from each other. ‘Cause we’ve got similar status downstairs, there’s no one else [Carson] can share problems with or that I can even unburden a little bit to -
LOGAN: - And we have confided in one another of our past and our, you know - and also our aspirations and feelings about things to a certain extent. We do confide in each other. I suppose for me, I’ve got Mrs. Patmore as well, who’s become - when you think back to season one when we at loggerheads - Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore have become allies now, which is lovely. So I suppose she has a female friend -
CARTER: Simpatico.
LOGAN: Simpatico.

Downton Abbey series 5: Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan interview

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