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Downton Abbey @DowntonAbbey

19 days to #DowntonDay! #CountDownton #Downton pic.twitter.com/4DiMLVJRXs
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downton abbey s5 

From the ITV drama Facebook page!(x)

From the ITV drama Facebook page!(x)

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Wait 20 days to downton in us or uk?

In the UK! Downton isn’t back until January in the US…

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In case you haven’t figured this out already… 


This is not a spoiler free blog. I tag everything so black list “spoilers” and “s5” if you don’t want to be spoiled. You can use tumblr savior to do that. Instructions are here.

This blog is also connected to a twitter account here and I label all spoilery tweets with “SPOILERS” so don’t click if you don’t want to see.

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"Downton is catching up with the times we live in."
"That is exactly what I am afraid of."
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Downton Abbey @DowntonAbbey

20 days to #DowntonDay! #CountDownton #Downton pic.twitter.com/wFR6JehT8Y
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eeeee downton abbey s5 

make me choose // anon asked: thomas barrow or john bates

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"And [Shirley] and Maggie…got on like a house on fire.” - Hugh Bonneville

"If there’s a reunion in 20 years, the three of us would all be there, still getting on like a house on fire.” - Jessica Brown Findlay

"The whole cast gets on like a house on fire.” - Joanne Froggatt

"I met [Shirley] again […] in LA and we got on like a house on fire.” - Brendan Coyle

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Downton Abbey rewatch; 1x02

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Trailer for Downton Abbey season 5 (x)

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