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You gave your word. I gave you the money and you gave me your word.


Downton couples that deserve to be happy: Anna & John Bates

Mr. Bates, is this a proposal?

The Look of Love | Anna & Bates 1.01



Congrats for making it to the end!! (dancing a jig for you)



Downton Abbey Meme - One pairing // Anna & Bates (1/1)

"We’ve waited long enough to be together, you and I. And now that we are man and wife, can that not be enough, just for one night?"

-Do you never doubt? For just one minute. I wouldn’t blame you.

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Downton Abbey Meme - Five scenes // Anna and Bates’ goodbye kiss (5/5)

"No man can regret loving as I have loved you."


Another  Bates and Anna video. The music is “Salvation” by Gabrielle Aplin and was chosen from one of AngelPrincessAnna’s playlists… thank you :)

A lot of my videos are from Bates’ point of view and this song goes well for either. Anna is without doubt his saviour but in series 4 I think we see how Mr Bates really is Anna’s salvation.

Not one of my best but… hey ho! Hope you enjoy it.

… as a symbol of all we have promised and all that we share